Renewed Nail®

Renewed Nail® beautifies and restores discolored, damaged nails
due to injury, extended use of artificial nail products and fungus.

"Visible Cosmetic Improvements in One Day!"
Only Available from your Podiatrist

*Great with Laser Fungal Nail Treatment

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • No Side Effects

Patient Testimonials

Thank you, Dr. Nguyen, for curing my nail fungus.

After having an injury in 1985, I was not able to take care of my feet properly which resulted in severe nail fungus in all ten of my toenails. I had been treated with several different topical and oral medicines without success until Dr. Nguyen treated me with Renewed Nail®. After 6 months of treatment with Renewed Nail®, my nails grew out perfectly normal and healthy. In fact, the photos of the Renewed Nail® before and after in the instructions are the pictures of my toenails. I strongly recommend Renewed Nail® for nail fungus like mine.

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