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For once a week application

What is Renewed Nail®?

Renewed Nail® is a safe, effective treatment for damaged nails due to extended use of artificial nail products and nail fungus (onychomycosis)

Renewed Nail® is available in two sizes. The trial size lasts for 2 months for all ten toes. Professional size lasts for 4 months for all 10 toes.

Note: The last amount about 0.5cc of Renewed Nail® solution at the bottom of Renewed Nail® bottle will be dried out itself.

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8 week supply for all 10 toes

What Makes Renewed Nail® so effective?

A mixture of these 3 ingredients bonds strongly to the nail's keratin layer, preventing fungus from damaging the nails. This chemical bond lasts over one week, meaning that this patented formula only requires weekly application versus other topical treatments that must be used daily. This also allows for the use of a much lower concentration of undecylenic acid to maximize patient safety and still achieve excellent results. While regrowth of the nails may take several months, this weekly treatment can remove most of the damaged, ugly debris on the infected nails in two to six months.

Drug Facts and

Active Ingredients:

Undecylenic Acid 1.0% (Antifungal Agent)

Inactive Ingredients:

2-Ethyl Cyanoacrylate (Keeps the active ingredient adhered to the nails for over a week while it hardens them. Also, it seals the nail to prevent absorption of air and water, starving the fungus.)

Hydroquinone (Mild bleaching agent, improving nail appearance)