Instructional Guide - Step by Step System

Beautifying Nails Begins Here

Renewed Nail's® two step process was created to improve, restore and beautify discolored and damaged nails due to injury, extended use of artificial nails, nail products and fungus.



Step 1

Carefully trim away and file the affected nails thoroughly.

Step 2

You will need to have a soft paper towel (NOT a tissue) prior to application. Make sure the nails are dry before beginning this process. Insert toe spacers in between toes, then apply a fresh layer of Renewed Nail® solution for 10-20 seconds then firmly blot to dry off all excess amount of the solution on and around the nail surface. It is easier to apply Renewed Nail solution on 2 or 3 nails at a time, then blot to remove the excess amount of the solution immediately after application.

Note: Renewed Nail solution is very sticky. Avoid contact with skin on fingers or between toes.

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 once a week. Can increase to twice a week if you do not see results.

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How to Care for the Renewed Nail® Bottle

To avoid the cap from becoming glued to the bottle, make sure you wipe off all excess solution from the grooves and the rim of the bottle with paper towel after each use, then store upright. If the bottle is hard to open, wrap the cap with a rubber band and the bottle with another rubber band for a better grip to open the bottle. The solution is sensitive to moisture in the air and can dry out with prolonged exposure. Do not leave the bottle open for prolonged periods of time.